Friday, May 20, 2011

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  • ddrueckhammer
    Jul 18, 09:48 AM
    This might get me to drop Netflix if it

    1. Is $3.99 or less for downloads (the cost of a new Blockbuster rental).
    2. Movies are at least DVD quality.
    3. Can be played via a Mac Mini or Airport Express AV hooked up to my TV.

    I would like to see bittorrent technology used to help cut the bandwidth costs for Apple and a queue system which automatically downloads the next movie in your queue and then deletes it at a specified time after you have played it. I will support this because if it works out then Apple will have the leverage to put $9.99 to keep movies on the store and I can still buy what I want for under $15 total after the rental.

    As for people not wanting to store large videos on their hard drives, it is the 21st century. I have 1/2 Terrabyte of storage in external hard drives. So do many others and that's alot of storage for DVD quality films. I just read an article the other day about some disk format that is being developed at Harvard that will hold 50Tb! Storage isn't an issue and I can see many people having media servers instead of DVD/CD collections in their homes in the future.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 26, 01:33 PM
    Its a trademark. Give me a break. What do you think the "typed drawing" said?

    Try again Knight.

    Try again what ? It's not a word mark, it's a typed drawing, meaning you could trademark Pet Store too if it is a different drawing all together (different font, different shape, different color).

    It's basically a logo trademark, like let's say : :apple:

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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 19, 03:57 PM
    (Jesus, BBC reporting septics have fired 110 Tomahawks already, at $1 million each.

    Raytheon shares will be on the up soon).

    (plus the Brits have fired some)

    Nice edit. CNN was first. :p

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  • iTravis
    Apr 26, 12:48 PM
    Yes Amazon jump on the "it's generic" bandwagon. :rolleyes:

    Please lets just keep this thread about the response and not "But how is it generic. . ." "Apple didn't create App. . ." "Well Amazon is right it's generic. . ."

    I don't think it's generic that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. I'm moving on.

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  • arkmannj
    Apr 12, 09:50 PM
    I wonder if they'll update the whole studio suite
    (yes, including DVD Studio Pro I hope. Maybe they'll rename it Media studio and make it output DVD's, Blu Ray, maybe even interactive Quicktime files )

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  • Bonsai1214
    Sep 20, 08:04 PM
    yeah, i bought a griffin reveal, but if switcheasy comes out with a nude, i might have to buy that to.. jesus, i'm spending money like crazy this year.. :eek: i just hope i can return or get my invisibleshield refunded. Zagg's customer service is horrible...

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  • kntgsp
    Sep 14, 11:13 AM
    Interesting. Instead of jailbreaking, know what I do? I copy my files onto my iOS devices as a backup. No problem. I have several GB of data on both my iPod touch and my iPad.

    I have yet to find a single Windows or Linux computer at work that will allow me to simply drag and drop some files onto the device as if it were a mounted drive like any other USB stick or Android/Symbian phone.

    It's why the girlfriend has the iPhone4 and I am using Android at the moment (which I am growing to detest for lack of decent VNC options)

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  • chicagostars
    Jan 12, 04:37 PM
    These whispers seem to have possible validity. I feel that people waiting for a slim MacBook Pro may come away from MacWorld disappointed. A thin machine doesn't seem like it will fit the bill for many pro customers who are often using their MacBook Pros as desktop replacements, but may be great for another market: non-creative professionals, many of whom would like something along the lines of a successor to the 12" Powerbook. (Rumors of an aluminum enclosure don't mean all that much as Apple is going toward aluminum enclosures in more and more of their product lines, regardless the price point or 'pro' image. iPod Shuffle anyone?)

    Let's enjoy the show!

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  • zwilliams07
    Jul 14, 10:23 AM
    Faster processors, I'll take those of course. Blu-Ray? Hell no, I don't want that turd. Pretty much every format Sony has ever come up with is dead, just look at the UMD now, its a joke.

    I'll pass on that MPAA sponsored DRM ladden expensive dog turd.

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 7, 11:31 AM
    Did I miss something or did the top end mini model go from $799 to $599. Ok. it has a smaller drive and no superdrive. BUt who uses DVDs anymore?I do. That's how I archive all my HDTV and SDTV recordings. I burn Disk Images with Toast then rip those images to mp4 files with Handbrake to take what starts out as a 6GB HD master and winds up a 351MB mp4 file that looks almost as good as the original - just a little softer is all. So I can get 12 one hour prime time HDTV shows on one 4.38GB DVD or two on a 702.8MB CD.

    For me this is the future of TV show recording and storage. I've got it down to a science that is as good as is possible with today's technology to get something that is very big to be very small and still deliver a decent viewing-listening experience on a HD Screen while remaining iPod compatible at the same time.

    Only drawback is computing power. Even the 3GHz Mac Pro is too slow to do this in rapid time. So it takes a more time than the programs lengths to do right now that should in future take only a few minutes each. I'm hoping that amount of power will be with us by 2008 or 2009. It's a fundamental challenge that needs to get solved before what I am doing can have mass appeal. It's almost tlike a full itme job - no it is a full time job. Except I'm not getting paid to do it. :eek:

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  • peharri
    Jan 5, 03:14 PM
    Well, I ended up having to build a small time machine to find out what would be announced. Wasn't difficult, except that Objective C is a PITA. Anyway, here's the log cut and pasted from

    (Note, order of lines is in chronological order, for obvious reasons)

    8.55am Hall is close to full. Lot of excited murmmering, lights still on. REM tracks playing, audience is mostly annoyed.

    9.01 "Losing my religion"

    9.03 lights dim, Jobs takes to the stage

    9.05 Welcome everyone, great year for Apple, iPod Hifi, Intel switch

    9.10 More on the way, better products, great year ahead for Apple

    9.25 30 Years of Apple, 30 great more years. Achievements include Apple I, Apple II, Apple IIe, (listing each product)

    9.45 Time to talk about what's next. May have heard a rumour about a phone. (Audience laughter)

    9.47 iPod Phone. It's a headset. Plugs into iPod. Excellent sound quality.

    9.50 Also handsfree kit for a cellphone. Bluetooth or 2.5mm jack.

    9.55 Just to re-interate, as people on IRC feed seem to think otherwise, iPod Phone is a handsfree kit. So you don't have to take off your headphones when answering phone. It's not a cellphone. Audience seems troubled by this.

    9.57 Integrates with iChat Video too, using Bluetooth feature. Now having chat with Bill Gates over iChat.

    9.58 Range: 10-20 feet (extension cables available, for wired connections). "Works with all carriers"

    10.05 "So that's iPod Phone", $299 for basic version (iPod nano), $499 for version for iPod. Now, iTV.

    10.10 New name "iMac mini"

    10.12 Comes with keyboard and mouse. Wireless available.

    10.15 View content downloaded from iTunes. Simple configuration to see shared music libraries.

    10.17 Still demonstrating configuration options.

    10.25 Several Apple engineers are now on stage showing Steve how to point the iMac mini at Phil's iTunes library.

    10.28 Music is now being downloaded. Shared content is automatically downloaded into local storage to avoid network stutters. iMac mini is not available for use during download. Entire library is downloaded each time.

    10.30 "On to the next thing", 3% of library downloaded. "Leopard". "This one changes its spots"

    10.35 Significant changes underneath.

    10.40 My. Word. Steve Jobs has just demonstrated the superiority of ZFS over other file systems. You have to see that to be believed. Take a look at the stream when it's posted. I mean, it was unreal. I've never seen such a clear technical explanation that was so obvious and compelling about a file system before.

    10.45 Clapping abates for a few seconds, but then continues.

    10.47 Apple employees are out with fire extinguishers, hosing audience to try to get them to quiet down so that Jobs can continue the presentation.

    10.50 One last thing.

    10.52 Mac in a Windows world. Impossible to run Windows applications without emulation.

    10.55 Microsoft's dominance. Monoculture. Technical superiority of Windows. (?) BTW Phil's library is now 25% transferred to the iMac mini.

    10.59 Poor performance of XNU. BSD "1970s" operating system. Darwin served its purpose.

    11.00 Dave Cutler, designer of Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista has just come on stage.

    11.05 New kernel for Mac OS X. Mac OS X high level subsystems built upon Windows. New operating system. "Mac OS W". Leopard is Mac OS W 11.0.

    11.07 Jobs is now talking to Bill Gates on the big screen again.

    11.08 "Best of Apple, Best of Microsoft, everything will 'just work' from now on"

    11.10 On a personal note. Steve Jobs "Best years of my life at Apple"

    11.12 Excited to be named CEO of Disney previous day, amazing new opportunities, but running two major companies difficult. (Bill Gates is still on screen, he's part of the conversation)

    11.15 Successor at Apple needed to be picked, someone with experience, knowledge about how to succeed in a difficult market, perhaps changing Apple to be the #1 and not the #2

    11.16 Bill Gates, whose departure from Microsoft was announced last year, to take the helm of Apple later this year. "I couldn't be more excited. Apple is a great company, and we're going to make some great products".

    11.20 The start of another great year at Apple, thanks for coming.

    11.22 Lights are back on, people are leaving conference hall.

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  • imac_japan
    Mar 18, 08:41 AM
    Please sign it !! For our sakes


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  • LostPacket
    Nov 29, 03:50 PM
    With HDMI, they'd have to be shooting higher than 480p. I'd say they'd go all out with 1080p, why not?

    My guess would be too much cost for such a small market. There's not a lot of 1080p content out there and even less 1080p displays. For a first gen device, I think 720p would be good enough. Maybe even 480p if it's cheap enough.

    Although, in the end it'll probably depend on bandwidth limitations. They never said what protocol they'll be using. Some are assuming 802.11n, but that would limit them to the newest Intel Macs with a firmware upgrade.

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  • hansolo669
    Feb 27, 09:59 PM
    Trust me, when you hit 10 or so, you begin to start creating innovative methods of Mac Storage... (Yes, I have 15 of them, and yes, I am not done...) before you start collecting I recommend buying either a lot of shelves, or a lot of storage units...

    15! *internet props*, at one point i had a blue and white g3, a ruby imac g3, and a few others...unfortunatly my mom was tired of all the "useless" (in her eyes) computers and made me discard them (the only computers i have every gotten rid of that werent compleatly dead)

    now all im starting again, with this mdd g4 :D

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  • AidenShaw
    Aug 29, 09:26 AM
    wheres my media edition mac mini...

    seriously i would be stoked if they released an ULV Mac Mini with a 100GB HDD for all your audio and video needs. Ability to plug a 30" ACD would be nice, as 23" isn't that big for a TV. Built-in eyeTV equivalent, better remote... i want one!
    Wait for the Apple HTPC - the upcoming Conroe mini-tower/pizza-box.

    In the meantime, here's a Conroe HTPC that's now available:

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    Jan 12, 02:40 PM
    thinking back how many people called the iPod, mac mini and macbook name stupid it's very likely already confirmed

    on the other side it would be much more logical to refer to wimax or other such features

    I love the 'i' idea its like saying 'my' mymac=imac, etc

    the macbook however is a name that pales in comparision to the powerbook.

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  • Ted Witcher
    Mar 22, 05:38 PM
    Just put it in a YoTank case like I did. You can drive your car over it without damaging the iPod.

    More pics here (

    That's an Emmeline DAC? You're not using USB?

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  • flopticalcube
    Apr 22, 09:51 AM
    Why would Apple release an iMac refresh a couple of months before a new OS debuts? Also, this would be the FASTEST REFRESH IN APPLE HISTORY at 9 months.

    You all fell for the hype and made Bri@n T0ng (eat that SEO) and Sea-NET advertising revenue. :rolleyes:

    Not correct. Since the launch of Intel iMacs there have been three occasions when refreshes are shorter than 9 months so it's not unprecedented. What would be unprecedented would be simultaneous release of hw and sw so that is unlikely.

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  • theBB
    Jul 19, 04:33 PM
    This is actually the general trend in the computer market since the rise of
    portables against desktop machines. Portables are becoming increasingly
    powerful (computational-wise) up to the point that the line between them
    and Desktops is blurred.
    Yes, laptops are getting more popular, but I don't remember other companies losing 23% of desktop sales in one year. I guess Apple sells few computers to companies who might be buying a bigger share of desktops nowadays, but still...

    Apr 21, 01:24 PM
    One of the many advantages of my iPhone 4 tracking me, is that I have big brother watching me. I'm never alone.

    The only problem is my stupid Android phone can't do the same.

    I have an appointment with Apple next week, I'm giving them the keys to my house, cars, and all my tax returns, stock certificates and investment portfolio. They promise to do every thing for less than 70% of my annual income. A great deal.

    I'm in good hands with Apple, not a worry in the world. I'm now an official Apple fanboy. Living in the walled garden all I have to do is be an Apple drone :)

    Woo Hoo life is sweet.

    Wow, how can I sign up for this? At 80K yearly that would leave you with 2K a month to spend each month, (with your house, cars, taxes, and investments covered.)

    Apr 3, 02:31 AM
    Stickies contents are now scrollable. I think this was the case in DP1 as well.

    Cheffy Dave
    Jun 24, 01:49 AM
    You're that ignorant that you think the only benefit of an open platform is pornography?

    read the original post? NO! DO I Think that is the only benefit? NO!

    Sep 6, 11:03 AM
    Thank God I sold my mini three days ago. It was a Core Duo 1.66Ghz with 1GB RAM. Luckily the buyer's already payed and I'm on my way to the post office now. Phew!!

    So it was IDENTICAL to the current top of the line model, except the new one has a measly .17 GHz speed bump and 512MB LESS memory?

    Yeah, this new one sure is a leaps and bounds ahead of the one you sold!


    Sep 1, 12:47 PM
    if this turns out to be true, here's my prediction on the pricing:

    17" is stripped down and relegated to "emac" status and sells at a $999 price point

    20" sells for $1299 or $1399

    23" sells for $1699 or MAYBE $1799 at the most

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