Monday, May 23, 2011

Melissa On Make Up W/ Teresa: 'Not Happening' last week's blowup at the christening in the premiere episode, Real Housewives of New Jersey fans got a taste of the drama to come.

Zap2it has already spoken to new housewife Melissa Gorga about the details surrounding her joining the show and how she felt about her son's christening being ruined, but we still have a whole season ahead of us.

In this part of their interview, they spoke to her about the chances of reconciliation this season and what we can expect as the season unfolds.

Teresa has had a rough year. Did you reach out to her when all that bankruptcy stuff was going down?
Um, yes, actually I did. I did call her a couple times, but she was always in denial and didn't want to talk about it. And you know the relationship I have with her I didn't want to throw it in her face. I didn't want to call too much and too often, because there was a new story every single day. You know, her husband's going to jail, her husband's doing fraud, and I was like, 'What am I going to do? Call every time I see something in the paper?'

In the premiere, Teresa says she was happy when you married her brother and wanted a relationship, but you acted cold with her. Is that true?
No. I have both sisters down The Shore and she was going to be the only sister that I had. And I really did want a relationship with her. And I feel we did try in the beginning. And she did try. But little by little, the things she would say, the way that she was was very different from the way that I was and we started to bump heads. And as Joey and I started to become more successful, I think she started to change and her personality toward me started to change. And she looked at me as a competitor instead of a sister-in-law and that's when things just started to go downhill and all of that was just bizarre to me, because I have none of that going on in my family. And I have two older sisters and cousins everywhere, so I'm not used to that.

What can we expect of you this season?
You're going to see a lot of my interaction with my husband. He's hysterical I have to say. He and I together are a power couple and we're great and we really compliment each other well throughout the whole season. So, you're going to see a lot of me and my husband. A lot of me being a little bit of everything where I cook, I clean and now I'm going on this journey to be a singer. And I have incredible producers who have worked with Brittany Spears and Beyonce coming into my home and I sing next to a piano a capella. And you're going to see my journey all the way up to my first performance, to my first live singing performance. So, it's an amazing journey you're going to take with me on the whole ride of my music career.

Credit: Zap2It (Jethro Nededog)

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