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  • bagelche
    Apr 12, 10:28 PM
    Wow, looks like the rumours WERE true after all! Apple killed the Pro of Final Cut Pro. That guy who turned the much admired iMovie into garbage has done it again. All they had to do was rewrite the engine with 64 bit support, had proper file handling, rendering titling tools amongst other necessary pro features and keep the same F*&$#@*&& interface as pro users of ANY pro software don't want to re-learn an interface for no reason! It takes YEARS before you really know a software under the hood.

    We'll now see FCPx turn into a hit with amateurs and will be completely abandoned by pro users who will all return to avid.

    Yawn...'cause if it ain't kludgy, it ain't pro.

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  • Unspeaked
    Sep 1, 01:58 PM
    Definitely not. There's too much branding in the iMac name. For consumers, it means ease and simplicity with power and looks.


    It'd be almost as bad as calling their music player a Pod.

    The iMac name is gold.

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  • BoyBach
    Nov 29, 02:28 PM
    Andy Neff also writes "Apple noted that it has a number of products currently in development that are likely to be introduced over several years."

    I'm glad that he confirmed this. Otherwise Macworld in January would be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

    Mr. Jobs finished his keynote with the startling admission that there is nothing left: "That's all folks! We've got nothing else in development. See you in 2010."


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  • Frosticus
    Apr 21, 05:20 AM
    Performance and specifications determine whether or not it's a "Pro", not the people who use them. I'm not a professional race car driver, but my car has over 400hp. Does that mean that my car is not the high-performance sports car that the automotive world widely claims it to be?

    And besides, how do you know those people aren't using heavy-duty applications? Is a thirty-second observation at Starbucks enough to justify such a statement?

    Agreed, the "Pro" bit is referring to it's spec relative to the standard MacBook.. not to the users.. :rolleyes:

    BTW - has anyone else noticed the shipping times for the Mac Pros? 12-core and server are now 3-5 days in UK and US stores. Is this a slip also ahead of potential refresh? /optimism

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  • PBF
    Mar 30, 09:18 PM
    Full screens apps now have a transition-drop down menubar rather than one that covers up the top of the application now.
    Care to upload a screenshot? (only and only if you feel comfortable)

    P.S. Are we allowed to ask questions in this thread?

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  • shartypants
    Mar 25, 09:02 PM
    Awesome! I can't wait! I like how the iPad becomes a different screen for the game.

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  • Stella
    Jun 22, 10:41 PM
    Actually maybe.

    That would be a gigantic step backwards. Only being able to run Applications deemed worthy by Apple? It maybe fine for your very average PC user who writes email, iWorks, and browses internet - but anyone else - crippling.

    I suppose they could have two flavours of the OS - the locked down version called "Th iOS desktop Disney Edition"! :)

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  • Eric5h5
    Mar 25, 05:21 PM
    30fps is far from "silky smooth", but that's still pretty cool.


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  • gr8whtd0pe
    Jan 6, 07:53 AM
    ...but it was seen on Top Gear a few years back ( when the boys made their electric car and took it to Oxford.

    That. Is. Awesome.

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  • Evangelion
    Aug 25, 05:49 AM
    At least another USB port would be nice. Two was pathetic, three's OK, but
    four is more realistic number nowadays!

    Um, the Mini does have four USB-ports, and a FireWire-port.

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  • Mac'Mo
    Jan 3, 08:49 PM
    give me an apple clothing line!

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  • cube
    Mar 24, 03:33 PM
    So then use Windows?

    Why would I look at anything else if it were OK to use Windows?

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  • Calling all Selena Gomez fans!

  • montycat
    Mar 23, 08:16 PM
    I love my iPod Classic. :D

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  • someone28624
    Mar 22, 04:16 PM
    Do people seriously have that many songs?!!! seriously?!!!

    220gb = 50,000 songs?!!!!! That is totally not necessary.

    Apple discontinue that dinosaur! It makes you look bad to just have it on your website.

    iPod plays videos and shows photos also.

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  • Stella
    Jun 24, 08:46 AM
    We hope, Jobs said - many different iOS products later this year...

    In other words:
    Many more locked down products this year

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  • PygmySurfer
    Oct 23, 11:59 AM
    Updates are expected very soon boys and ghouls!

    It's "boils and ghouls" ;)

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  • jcricket
    Aug 29, 11:14 AM
    I really hope you are correct about FR2 in Leopard. However...
    I do think you need a TV-card in the computer too. Given Apples philosophy about simplicity, I doubt they will have a stand alone TV-reciever. Furthermore, I just can't see Apple selling MP with a TV-card. So my guess is that they will make a dedicated computer. Still I am most likely wrong... as always...:p
    My dream mini has a HD-DVD player, HDMI/DVI out, optical audio out (mainly important for those that want to connect to a surround sound receiver) and add some Netflix-like movie download subscription service added to iTunes. Put those together with space for a 3.5" hard drive and run Front Row 2.0 and I'd be psyched.

    I really want the Mac Mini to be a basic TV hub device. It doesn't have to have a DVR, cable card slots or TV tuners built-in. Sure, if Apple could build an all-in-one box that's better than my HR10-250 (HD Tivo for DirecTV) or the upcoming Series 3 from Tivo that would be great. But for now I'd be happy with one box for TV watching (HR10-250) and one box for everything else (DVDs, music, movie downloading, casual web surfing).

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  • 63dot
    Jan 5, 12:31 AM
    NICE!!! I use to have a '71 2002. Granted it had rotted rockers, faded paint and a leaking rear main seal. But the thing started on the coldest day of the year. I loved that car. I'll try to dig up pics.

    That's the old BMW for you, tough as nails. I wish BMW, Volvo, and Mercedes still made cars like they used to but building cars that rugged and long lasting is terrible for the bottom line.

    I see more '70s BMWs than '80s models out there and it's probably around then that they got smart and built in obsolescence. That being said, I loved the look of the '80s BMWs and at the time, and I thought they were making a huge step up from the 2002. Little did we know.

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  • jgould
    Feb 27, 09:52 PM
    Looks like you do a fair bit of typing on that thing!
    My old one started looking like that but then Apple replaced it with a new one. I bought a keyboard cover. Not because I hate shiny keys, but because hair and stuff was falling in the keys.

    My keyboard on my White 2006 MacBook would get like that, and then the top case would crack and would be replaced. It didn't stay like that for long...

    Apr 12, 09:05 PM
    I know this thread is probably full of pro video geeks so don't eat me alive here. What's the primary difference between FCP and Express aside from the fact that Final Cut Pro is packaged in a suite of applications?

    If you're a novice and start with FCE you won't really find it lacking. When I did a project on FCE after using FCP for 4 years I was constantly irritated by things I use frequently just not being there. I can't remember the specifics - must've blocked it out as a bad dream haha.

    Nov 28, 02:06 PM
    Why are we still talking about the Zune. Does anyone really care? It's just another mp3 player among so many others behind iPod. :rolleyes:

    It will never match the iPod's popularity, ever.

    Nov 15, 04:26 PM
    I guess this is fairly boring news for gamers, if Quake is any indication...

    Yes. Games are mostly designed for single CPU, single core at this point. The Mac Pro is overkill for gaming, and I hear FB-DIMMs are detrimental to gaming performance too.

    I just want a headless Mac that's more powerful than the Mini, and not as expensive as the Pro and as "workstation-ish", i.e. it should use standard desktop parts like Conroe and DDR2, and includes at least one 16x PCI-E slot that can fit, power, and cool the latest gaming cards.

    May 2, 04:42 PM
    Not a huge fan of this in iOS Simulator when developing, all that said though - increased consistency across the platforms can only be a good thing IMO.

    Apr 21, 11:19 AM
    Amazing that a thread on whether or not a person CAN drive a stick shift car has turned into a full blown debate on the merits of automatic vs manual transmissions. Personally I think this argument is similar to the Mac vs PC argument that has gone on for years, ultimately they're different, and a person should be able to use whichever one (or both) they choose for their own personal reasons. In both cases, transmissions and personal computers, they have their good points and their bad points. To each their own...

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