Saturday, May 21, 2011

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  • griz
    Jun 22, 01:19 PM
    Maybe it's not an iMac, maybe its really a tv??? No need to reinvent the iMac when it has it's own purpose. Would we see an iMacPro to replace the MacPro.

    A touch screen computer with iOS as an optional layer would be cool. Basically a supercharged touch capable dashboard would rock.

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  • triceretops
    Mar 22, 10:53 PM
    Is there an app in which the face of the iPod touch/iPhone has a digital scroll wheel on the bottom half and a screen on the top half to simulate the iPod Classic interface? Maybe that would be enough to satiate the holders on to the classic?


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  • Jbook
    Jul 13, 11:39 PM
    Maybe if there was more media available in blue-ray format, I would be more excited. Anyways, blue-ray player or not, the Mac Pro is gonna be a beast.

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 31, 01:31 PM
    What I mean is that I would get the $499 model but BTO it with a superdrive. A $549 model so to speak.

    We'll see. If the low end becomes a dual 1.66 I'm getting one.You know what the difference in cost is between a Combo Drive and a Superdrive?

    About $5

    I am confused why you use the word IF? :confused: This report confirms it has already happened ( - unless you think Apple made a mistake fulfilling his order for a 1.5GHz CS by putting a 1.66GHz CD BTO in a CS box? That is next to impossably unlikely. :rolleyes:

    All we need is one more report like above to corroborate this is a fact. I wonder how long before the rumor sites put it out as a fact.

    WE HAVE CONFIRMATION (NOT):I posted this on the mini specs forum, but thought it would be needed here as well.
    Are they already shipping then? It's the same reported source not confirmation.

    They have obviously run out of their last shipment of Core Solo Yonahs and received their new supply of 1.66GHz CDs for that part of the mini assembly lines. I guess marketing is behind the curve on this one. Perhaps so as many Solo Units can get flushed off the shelves before they ADMIT THIS CHANGE. That wouold explain why Fry's is now ADVERTISING 1.5GHz Core Solo minis for $499. IE the buyers have been notified already and told to dump all the Core Solos ASAP since the replacement 1.66GHz Core Duos are in transit to the srores.

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  • Raska
    Apr 1, 09:41 AM
    Two *major* bugs:

    1) TextEdit crashes on launch (tried trashing the prefs file - nothing)
    2) cmd+left/right no longer goes to the start/end of the line :O wtf!

    Anyone else experiencing these?

    I haven't experienced either of those issues in either dev preview.

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  • daveyjokes
    Oct 24, 06:14 AM

    are immenent!

    Midday Tuesday, the UK store has gone down for updating, im guessing MBPs...

    We all know what it looks like but i took a screenshot for the un-believers


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  • TheFlashGuy
    Jun 22, 04:28 PM
    To paraphrase - "It's just a giant iPad!"

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  • Cue
    Aug 7, 04:09 AM
    Why does the counter on MR homepage say it starts today?

    Is that the official opening time with the main event i.e. Keynote Tuesday?

    Excuse my ignorance but right up till now I thought it started Tuesday. I even saw a page on Apples site that had the week planner on it for WWDC. :confused: Maybe I was too excited and missed Monday?

    Steve Jobs Headlines Keynote Address and Leopard Preview (

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  • davidgrimm
    Sep 23, 08:25 PM

    Consumer Reports used to influence my opinion, but when they actually rank things I know a little about, I always find fault with their methods and so they really aren't that influential to me anymore. I mean if their methods stink on the categories I know of, they probably stink for the categories I don't know about.

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  • freebooter
    Oct 23, 11:27 AM
    New MacBook Pro's and video iPods for some, abortions and miniature American flags for others

    Ha Hah Haah!! Classic! Truly the best bit of poetry I've read on any thread.

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  • Ravich
    Mar 20, 04:57 PM
    Homeopathy does actively harm people, as it causes them to forgo medicine that actually works, possibly causing premature death from a curable ailment.
    25% of Amercans are evangelicals, and wouldn't consider this hate speech. This is a form of the love of god.
    No. Homeopathy does not require people to forgo medicine that actually works.

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  • ajkrause
    Sep 1, 02:47 PM
    if it gets bigger, does it get thinner?

    Never thought I'd say this but... I hope so.

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    Jan 12, 02:40 PM
    thinking back how many people called the iPod, mac mini and macbook name stupid it's very likely already confirmed

    on the other side it would be much more logical to refer to wimax or other such features

    I love the 'i' idea its like saying 'my' mymac=imac, etc

    the macbook however is a name that pales in comparision to the powerbook.

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  • zedsdead
    Apr 12, 09:40 PM
    Based on the name, this is obviously going to require heavy support from Quicktime X, which is not getting an update until Lion. Don't expect this before June.

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  • Yahgo
    Sep 7, 10:13 AM
    There has been a lot said here and elsewhere on what Apple is going to release. But let�s step back and look at the big picture for a moment and think through this process.

    What we know:
    1. Apple maintains the largest online movie trailer site on the internet. They have the technology to stream data in HD and they just bought a level 4 data center in March this year to storage an enormous amount of data. (I�ll get to this later)
    2. HD downloads are enormous and storing them on your hard disk would fill up the disk in no time. So keeping the file for long periods of time is not an option.
    3. Apple sells more laptops then desktops and laptops have a smaller hard drive with limited capacity, no one wants an external hd to carry along with their laptop, it would defeat the purpose of being portable.
    4. Apple doesn�t make money on downloads, but selling the product that it runs on.
    5. iPods screens are too small to watch full length movies on, and their disk space is too limited for movies (iPod nano outsells the video iPod)
    6. FrontRow is made for displaying on the TV, not a computer monitor.
    7. People WILL NOT PAY $9.99 or $14.99 for a download of a movie, even with a burn option. DVDs can be bought at Wal-Mart or BestBuy for the same price and you get the cover and quality you want and deserve. ( I know a few mac fans will go out and buy whatever Apple puts out, but thinking of an average person )
    8. Steve Jobs said in an interview that most people only watch live action movies 1 or 2 times with the exception of animation, but music they listen to over and over again. And he hates variable pricing for content.

    So what does all this mean? I think we will see on Sept 12th a streaming rental service that runs off a new media device made to hook up to your TV and runs FrontRow with Showtime as a feature on it that looks a lot like the Movie Trailer section on FrontRow today, where you see the cover designs of the movie instead of a text. (Think about when you go to Blockbuster and all you see is cover designs, and a description on the back) With this service you will be able to see the cover design, the rating, run time, the description and preview a trailer of the movie. Then if you want you can �rent� it for $2.99. After watching the movie, the content is deleted; this would work a lot like pay-per-view. For music and photos, this device will wirelessly connect to your computer to stream music from iTunes and photos from iPhoto. The device will probably sell for around $149 - $299, depending on what it can do.

    But who knows� I�m probably completing wrong and Apple will release a download movie site, charge $9.99 for a movie download that around 600 MB per download and take 2 hours to download and release an airport express with video output and charge $129 for it.

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  • Fisse
    Apr 2, 10:52 PM
    Running an ad for a product they don't have in stock in their own stores?

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  • EagerDragon
    Nov 28, 11:37 AM
    Assuming for a second that this is true, I do not see Apple in this space. 17" LCD monitors have been around for years and they are inexpensive now. Why would Apple enter this market when it is unlikely to get the ussual return on investment?

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  • AFPoster
    Mar 22, 01:08 PM
    (Emphasis added.)

    I reiterate my suggestion you take advantage of the educational opportunities available to you. Your nascent reasoning ability might benefit. ;)

    Got to love auto spell check. Nuisance sorry.

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  • UsedToUseAnA2E
    Apr 21, 09:19 PM
    The WSJ has an interesting article claiming that both iPhones and Android phone home location data.

    Jan 12, 03:56 AM
    Alfa MiTo

    Apr 25, 02:12 AM
    When senators weigh in on privacy issues like this, they betray their foolishness. A litlle study by their aides would reveal what a non-issue this is. Sen. Franken would do better by investigating our own government's spying on its own citizens under the cover of the Patriot Act.

    Would feel the same way if it was Google or Microsoft or any other company?

    Apr 21, 04:42 PM
    Yes, a 30 second observation of people surfing FB on their Macbook (pros) is sufficient for me to assume that they are not performing complex video rendering or multi-filter Photoshop layering.

    Laptops are not Pro machines. A 13" laptop with shared memory and a glossy screen is not professional. Unless your profession is being a writer. The "pro" moniker is a marketing ploy.

    I realize the 15" and 17" are more powerful, but you still can't edit 4K RED footage on one, for example. But a Mac Pro? There's nothing professional you can throw at it that it can't do.

    If you walked by someone using a high-end machine and they happened to be underutilizing their resources for a few seconds, would you also say the same thing?

    I agree 100% that it's a marketing tactic. And you never specified size, that does make a difference. But I'm sure you you can find many people, both here and in the real world, that use 15" and 17" for heavy-duty, professional use in the field and can attest to it. There have been plenty of instances where I have seen them put to use. Perhaps your standards are higher. Yes, there is a tradeoff in resources between a laptop and a desktop. But don't knock a fully-blown 17" MacBook Pro because someone is casually using it in a public place.

    Also, regarding the car metaphor: put your 400hp car up against a NASCAR or Formula 1 vehicle and see how well it does on the racetrack against other REAL professional cars.

    The car is nice, I'm sure, but is not a vehicle doing professional high performance driving. The same is true of macbook pros. They're solid machines, but they are not professional performance machines.

    The NASCAR and F1 cars are not consumer, road-driven vehicles. This is like comparing a Mac Pro to the giant supercomputers that run NASA. Keep in mind, there are varying degrees of professionality (I may have made that word up).

    Feb 24, 01:14 AM
    I've arm-mounted my display, but I should have arm-mounted my display and MBP as you've done. Only problem is that arm won't support my 28" monitor :eek:

    I knew I should have gone with this ( instead. My brother and father each have one, and they both love them. Only problem is Dell doesn't seem to sell them anymore. And when they did sell them, the price seemed to change every week-- usually somewhere between $200 and $350.

    how do you drive a monitor like that? I tought that both HDMI and DVI has respectivetly 1920*1080 and 1920*1200 as max res. ! am I wrong?

    Apr 3, 02:11 PM
    Man. People complaining and I won't even get mine 'till the 28th. Looks like I won't be part of the fun.

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