Saturday, May 21, 2011

justin bieber ugly pictures

justin bieber ugly pictures. and he#39;s ugly opinion
  • and he#39;s ugly opinion

  • Built
    Apr 2, 10:08 PM
    Apparently "virtually every" doesn't mean what you think it means.

    Those who don't see the light bleed are simply in denial. It is a known problem affecting this version of the iPad. If you took a few minutes to read the iPad forum, you'd know that.

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  • Drama on The Justin Bieber

  • walshlink
    Mar 28, 03:00 AM
    Really newbie? You logged in to tell me that?

    I guess you missed the point.

    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Get a life

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  • Ugly Betty is still CUTER!

  • Cagle
    Apr 3, 01:15 AM
    Wow that's a little extreme

    that's not extreme, that's pure nuts :eek:

    great ad, very restrained, no bashing, focusing on great software, something apple really needs to do to make the ipad more than an oversized ipod.

    hard to believe the same company signed off on the recent iphone ads. good grief....

    justin bieber ugly pictures. Justin Bieber Ugly Photos.
  • Justin Bieber Ugly Photos.

  • miloblithe
    Aug 31, 12:42 PM
    If the $499 model has a superdrive too, what's the incentive to get the $599 version? Larger HD isn't enough, and I don't see Apple either dropping the higher-priced model or putting anything faster than 1.83 in the mini.

    And I'm basing this on the guy in on the link above having his $599 current core solo replaced with what I put for the $599 model.

    So maybe:

    $599: Core Duo 1.66, 100GB, Superdrive, 512MB
    $799: Core Duo 1.83, 120GM, Superdrive, 1GB

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  • mambodancer
    Jul 18, 10:18 PM
    I think you are confusing the term HD in various context.

    A movie file (computer file) can be in HD resolution (1280x720 or 1920x1080) encoded in a variety of formats (MPEG2, MPEG4-H.264 aka AVC, Microsoft VC-1).

    If the non-DRM'd file is available on your computer, you can view them using a variety of playback software such as Quicktime, Windows Media Player, VLC player, etc.

    However, you rented HD-DVD. This is a physical media that requires a blu-laser based HD-DVD player to play it on. Currently only Toshiba sells such a player as a standalone player HD-A1 I believe. They also have a high-end laptop with this player built-in. So, you need a HD-DVD readable drive to playback the HD-DVD disc you rented from Netflix.

    What Apple is talking about is authoring HD disks. You can make HD movies using Final Cut Pro or even iMovie by importing a HD movie (probably in HDV format). Then create a DVD image of it that is capable of HD. I have not used this feature - so I don't know the details.

    I would have preferred a way to burn H.264 based HD movies into a standard DVD (red laser based single or dual layer DVD) and play it back on a low cost player that can do H.264 decoding (including HD resolution). I guess a Mac Mini is one such beast ;-)

    That's what I figured. I knew it was too much to hope that I could play HD-DVD's in my iMac without buying a stand alone player. Oh, well. Thanks for the reply.

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  • Your New Justin Bieber

  • cderalow
    Jan 23, 08:43 AM
    Right, Recaro makes race and sports car buckets. I doubt they make a single baby seat. They are probably licensing their name to it.

    actually, they make the seats themselves.

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  • pictures of justin bieber

  • alhedges
    Apr 3, 12:25 PM
    I think so too. The toaster vs oven analogy works better than Jobs' truck vs car analogy. somebody send Jobs an email so he can steal it :D
    The problem with the toaster vs. oven analogy is that toasters don't cost the same as ovens. No one would buy a toaster if it cost $600. Nor is the iPad as limited as a toaster.

    That's why the car vs. truck analogy is more apt.

    justin bieber ugly pictures. justin bieber ugly pics.
  • justin bieber ugly pics.

  • twoodcc
    Apr 17, 09:23 AM
    Hehehe no it's fine, I will post it in this thread however ;)

    Just realised that 1 million is very possible for me.

    ok. yes it is!

    and congrats to rwh202 for 4 million points!

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  • Justin+ieber+ugly+haircut

  • encro
    Apr 27, 11:41 AM
    I can't be the only one that is sick to death with regards to car analogies. Grrr

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  • justin bieber ugly girlfriend.

  • Kingsly
    Aug 6, 11:40 PM
    More pix of the same... in case anyone cares!
    1) WWDC2006!!
    2) the now infamous banners�
    3) me, with the now infamous baners�
    4) Nifty computer bags� they are giving out
    5) delicious gelato� :p

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  • takao
    Mar 2, 04:52 PM
    the fact that after the second generation Jetta, VW had to rename the car in germany/europe (Bora, Vento) and still had lousy sales there, should have been a warning sign

    the last few generations of the jetta have been absolute rubbish ... i hoping this new generation is actually better

    justin bieber ugly pictures. Justin+ieber+ugly+pics
  • Justin+ieber+ugly+pics

  • Stridder44
    Aug 29, 10:47 AM
    I don't care about a measly speedbump. Begin to produce the media center already! How hard can it be? Just slap in a TV-card and beef up frontrow. done.
    ok, slightly over simplified... But I dont see why Apple procrastinate on this matter. They would sell a bundle by releasing an Apple "media center".

    Maybe FrontRow 2 (I believe/assume comes with Leopard) is where this will play in. Maybe instead of making a single device and labeling it a media center Apple will allow for any Mac (any new Mac...) to be used as a media center via FrontRow 2.

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  • KindredMAC
    Nov 27, 08:12 PM
    If you don't need color accuracy, DO NOT BUY AN APPLE MONITOR, there are cheaper monitors that, though less accurate, will satisfy you just fine.

    Funny that you say "accurate" color.....

    Anyone ever hear of the "Pinkening" of the Apple displays over the last 2 years? If you haven't then you may have seen it on your trips to the Apple Store.

    Apple LCDs have had a nasty habit of having a Pink hue to them that you cannot dial out of the display. Granted, Apple has been pretty good at replacing these models, but it has been a major issue to those it has affected.

    True accurate color will only be had by using color calibration units. So with that rebutle I will say that you will be able to achieve "accurate" color with that $250 LCD monitor from Best Buy.

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  • Justin Bieber Ugly Girlfriend.

  • RebootD
    Apr 3, 01:34 AM
    I love the visual direction of the ad, letting the screen shine as the light source, zooming in on the intricacies of multi-touch but then I want to punch through a wall when I hear 'magical'.

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  • Abstract
    Nov 15, 08:02 AM
    How long before it ends up in the MacBook Pro?


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  • is justin bieber ugly.

  • Irishman
    Apr 20, 08:33 AM
    The 6950m and 6970m are also available in 2gb models. That would help with the larger resolution of the 27" display. Let's hope for that as well!

    Maybe as a BTO. Not sure all those new things could happen for $1999.99

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  • northy124
    Apr 10, 10:06 AM
    Manual (stick) shift cars are rare today and I'm wondering how many people still know how to drive them. How did you learn and do you have a desire to own one?
    Rare? are you serious? please leave America and see how rare they are ;)

    I learnt how to drive a Manual from the get go, my licence allows for both Auto and Manual cars :cool: Jealous? :p

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  • JoeG4
    Feb 27, 04:24 PM
    Yeeup sounds about right.

    Digging that Mac Pro though! :D

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  • Justin Bieber Ugly Girlfriend.

  • ryanx27
    Sep 6, 10:10 AM
    were's my macbook core 2 duo :mad:


    how about a new macbook pro? :confused:

    "new" as in C2D & GPU upgrade: October

    "new" as in significant form factor change: 2007

    Oct 2, 08:41 PM
    I also bought mine from ebay

    I ordered one of these from Ashopone last week (grey color). Does the gel case slide in and out of a pocket easily? The thing I hate about the silicone cases I have is that they are really sticking going in and out of pockets.

    Feb 18, 04:41 PM
    I want that poster!!! Where did you get it?

    Jul 18, 08:02 AM
    I think it'd be a good idea. What most people in here seem to forget about is that there are millions of people who don't have DVD burners, much less DL DVD burners. Also, if the quality gets much more than 480p we're talking about quite a few older computers not being able to play it back very well. I think my 1.5GHz Powerbook is technically (according to apple) limited at 480p so if there's any slow down or jerkiness to get it to 720p I'm not a big fan of that.

    I think rental is a good idea - I've gone to blockbuster a few times and I've even watched some films from my cable company just because I didn't feel like going to blockbuster. But if they can make the price good (1.99 or 2.99 tops) it'd still be cheaper than either of the options I just listed and it'd be whole lot easier to do it.

    I like download to buy for music but I'm with a lot of people on here in that if I want to own a movie I'll just go to target the day it's released and get it for $16.

    One more thing - you don't want Steve to win this round because the studios would require an absurd pricing model. Look at the universal store - 29.99 for new releases?!?! If you want the DVD just go to Walmart or Target etc and get it way below MSRP otherwise the movie companies are going to make apple do what the retails do - take a loss on every single one sold and I really don't think Steve would be down with that...

    Oct 23, 09:36 AM
    Apple needs to get away from making such a big deal our of small updates (processor change) as Intel will have such things changing more often than motorola or ibm ever did. apple should reserve such announcements and hoopla for major revisions or complete overhauls. based on recent benchmarks there is little performance improvement in these new chips save for the speed bump.

    Agreed. Exactly why C2D should have been dropped in a month ago alongside the major PC manufacturers. While Merom is a necessary update for Apple's new place in the world of Intel, it's not really that big. Save the hype for enclosure redesigns and other major changes.

    Feb 20, 01:24 AM
    New work machine.


    beautiful. I love the colors and the symmetry of your desk! may I ask you for a bigger pic?

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