Sunday, May 22, 2011

justin bieber songs list

justin bieber songs list. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
  • Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

  • Twizz91
    Mar 22, 03:47 PM
    Did not say he would improve it either. :(

    Adding Bluetooth makes a lot of sense.

    that would be nice indeed. it would be nice if i could stream music from my classic through my ipad ^^

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  • kungming2
    Jan 11, 09:42 PM
    Not that the eraser head is that great of a pointing device, it's just that not having to move your hands from typing to moving to typing to moving is really convenient.

    They could achieve the same by just merging the keyboard and trackpad together.

    Seeing how many people complained about the new keyboards, a touch keyboard would generate even more flamed passions...

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  • +justin+ieber+song+list

  • JesterJJZ
    Jul 13, 11:48 PM
    there are what, about four movies on BluRay? how much do each cost? If there are barely any players, what's the point of blank media? BTW, don't tell me about storage. if you want storage, get a portable 30 GB HD.I'm not saying I don't think BluRay won't be really cool. it'll just be more reasonable come MWSF time.

    I think there are about 20-30 titles available for both BluRay and HDDVD, though I know I only saw a small selection at Best Buy. They were all priced around $24.99. Perfectly reasonsable and comparable to how the launch of standard DVDs went, though I think those had a higher launch price. I rememver movies debuting at $30 bucks. Players started around $700 i think.

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  • vansouza
    Sep 1, 12:09 PM
    Just how I feel about just what I have been waiting for... let it be...

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  • Justin Bieber is finally

  • Multimedia
    Sep 6, 12:09 PM
    Whree is FireWire 800?On the iMac 24". :pAt least two FireWire ports, please.You can buy a FW Hub with 3 or more for $30.And a true 7200 rpm fast drive.Buy a 400GB PATA Drive at Fry's on a holiday for $100 and put it in a $30 FW Case. You can even boot off it by cloning your internal to the outside.What? No Core2 Duo? Why? The Core2 Duo costs the same as the Core Duo, according to Intel's price list. Is there a shortage of the Core2 chips, was Apple committed to purchasing a certain number of Core Duos, or was whoever decided to go with this configuration just temporarily insane?Supply. As soon as there are enough Core 2 Duos coming at Apple to fulfill their needs for the iMacs, MacBook Pros and MacBook then Apple will switch to Merom in the mini I think by Thanksgiving. It's a cool move by Apple 'cause they are immediately offering the speed bumps that they were planning for the Core 2 Duo version now instead of when they switch the chip once they get enough.

    justin bieber songs list. all of justin bieber songs
  • all of justin bieber songs

  • redkamel
    Mar 22, 11:44 PM
    end the classic? Please no! It's great for storing large libraries, uncompressed music/complete music + video libraries and you are able to use it without looking. iOS is fun to look at, but the ipod app is terrible and can't replace tactile controls. I also hate using my phone as a music player as phone calls require me to interface with the player, rather than just take out my earbuds and answer the call (much faster and easier)

    The real, and best, reason to not discontinue it is that the classic represents Apples first big win. Its a very symbolic design, and I doubt they will be retiring it...ever. Much like porsche and the carrera, or Ford and the F-150.

    The classic IS the ipod. Notice how people still call the ipod touch the "itouch". Few think of it as "the ipod".

    There always be a market for a slim, easy to use, portable, high capacity music player with touch controls.

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  • swajames
    Mar 22, 03:56 PM
    Do people seriously have that many songs?!!! seriously?!!!

    220gb = 50,000 songs?!!!!! That is totally not necessary.

    Apple discontinue that dinosaur! It makes you look bad to just have it on your website.

    Of course they do - and many people will have even more. Apple offers smaller capacity devices for those with smaller libraries. For those of us with large libraries or store our music in uncompressed or at higher bit rates, the Classic is the only game in town. Why wouldn't you want to be able to take your entire library with you wherever you go? The Classic isn't a dinosaur - it's the best at what it does and it remains the choice of the connoisseur.

    justin bieber songs list. Justin Bieber#39;s CD, My World,
  • Justin Bieber#39;s CD, My World,

  • cbrain
    Jan 12, 12:12 PM
    are you kidding me?

    Macbook Air?


    There's no way Apple would ever call something that.

    I agree, I think it will be called the "AirBook".

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  • Daveismoney
    Feb 6, 10:07 AM
    just picked her up about a month ago, a little Christmas present to myself.. loving it

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  • Platform
    Jul 15, 02:41 AM
    Does anyone know whether the regular BluRay & HD-DVD players have HDMI connectors? Also, when is HDMI going to become more common on video cards?


    There is hardly any reason for the video cards to go with HDMI, they have DVI its the same, just HDMI carries audio as well, we don't need our audio mixed with our video processing ;)

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  • MattG
    Aug 7, 07:46 AM
    I personally wanna see a full home entertainment receiver so I can throw out this sony pos....give it built in airport, video out (slideshows, movies, etc), and make it do your speaker amp, a/v selection like any normal receiver does.....heck, give it a 1394a (or b) port on front to hook up your video camera, and stream it to your tv, or to your computer, or record it onto the built in DVD/HD-DVD or Blueray burner or DVR HD :P

    If anyone can do it, they can.

    You and me both...I've been wanting this for a while, more than anything else from Apple. I'd buy one in a second if they release it this week.

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  • Rocketman
    Jan 2, 12:22 PM
    Highly unlikely that the Quad chip will end up in the iTV. Especially at the already announced $299 proce point of iTV

    The shown device was the "breakout box".

    iTV is YA Apple "ecosystem" comprising of software like OSX, Front Row, and super DVR. It has a ($299) breakout box to hook to existing computers and TV's. It has a new iMac, which if you buy it, replaces 2-3 separate elements. It will have a supersize display screen with iTV enabled features.

    Of course this is all speculation, but it is based on a wide ranging discussion of media experts since the pre-release of iTV.


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  • segfaultdotorg
    Apr 19, 04:26 PM
    At this point it really doesn't make sense unless they're going to include a coupon for a free copy of OS X Lion.

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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 24, 02:44 AM
    they have another promo that runs from 10/17 - 1/22/07... i sure hope they dont wait for this to expire... although that is right around MWSF
    shortly it is... only 9 more hours

    Yeah, the restarted the printer offer last week and it goes through January. The other promo is the .Mac one, also thru January.

    The ones I was referring to that expire on 10/24 are the mail-in rebates offered through large retailers like Amazon. They still have to get Apple approval for those rebate programs as Apple sets prices.

    Either way, we find out soon enough... Or at least I hope we do.

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  • fabsgwu
    Sep 1, 04:06 PM
    I bet they can get rid of the chin with all that extra square footage behind the bigger screen. But then I'm no Jonathan Ives. :cool:

    justin bieber songs list. +justin+ieber+songs+list
  • +justin+ieber+songs+list

  • KnightWRX
    Apr 17, 08:27 AM
    Very humorous. :)

    I don't quite get your comment. What was humourous about my age exactly ?

    Unless you're driving a ...Honda... gear shifters on modern cars either are too "notchy" or overly-vague in terms of finding a gear, and the result is not very pleasant, especially in city driving.

    Wait what ? Hondas are some of the worst offenders. Their last great shifters hail from the late 90s. Everything ever since has been downhill, at least here in North America.

    We haven't even gotten a Civic Hatchback in the last few years. :( Honda is really turning into Toyota these days, dropping any kind of sporty feel and making point A to B cars and it shows in the driving feeling of those bread boxes. I think it's one of the reasons I switched to Subaru for my last 2 cars.

    Anyway, the Kia my GF bought seems to have very well defined gates. I don't know if it's because the shifter assembly bushings are still brand new (only time will tell) or if it's because the Koreans are trying to pick up the segment Honda/Mazda left behind (young kids that want "sporty" compacts).

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  • Greebazoid
    Aug 25, 09:05 AM
    I havent yet found a situation where the 1.66 Yonah in my mini is the problem. granted, I dont use photoshop and I have the full whack of 2GB RAM - my beef with the mini is when I boot into 'doze and wanna play games - that GMA950 just cant cut the mustard.

    So what would make me rush out and buy a new mini (and put this one under the TV) would be a faster graphics processor.

    Cant see that happening any time soon tho.

    and whats with all the Prius cars? sheeeeshh.


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  • tatonka
    Apr 21, 03:15 PM
    Despite the freaked brigade and people wanting to turn this into a huge political argument I think this guy at Reddit had the best thing to say about this:

    Yes they probably need to encrypt this to keep thieves and insane people from taking it from your phone but it's nothing that other cellular providers aren't doing with their phones, you just can't see it necessarily.

    I do think that guy is right and it is only about caching the cell tower locations. I baffles me however which idiot engineer at Apple thought it would be good idea to store those locations along with detailed timestamps unencrypt and even move it to the next phone if you happen to switch phones. If you work on such a high profile system, you need to make smarter decisions than that.
    The second thing that baffles me is Apples blatant incompetence handling these kind of situations. Haven't they learnd anything from antenna gate? Sitting on your ass for several days having the internet raging and the evening news reporting on this stuff without a word, is horrible press. It is more than day since the story broke and no official word from Apple yet .. good job people, let the field to the raging internet mob and the incompetent news crews.


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  • Doctor Q
    Oct 4, 07:16 PM
    Congrats, twoodcc! Your computer is da man!

    Sep 1, 04:04 PM

    that 30" all-in-one would be something to get excited about which means it won't happen.

    Jul 15, 01:03 PM
    As to just web-surfing.... In the time of few years my internet-connection has moved from 512KB to 8MB. I could go to 12 or 24MB right now. The speed-increase has been FAST.

    Wow. In South Africa the fastest internet connection we have is 1MB, or if you get HSDPA, 1.*MB:o :( :rolleyes: Plus it's a RIP OFF!!:mad:

    Aug 31, 04:00 PM
    I just hope Apple doesn't make a habit of this "stealth" upgrade ********. I'm ready to buy now, but I'll wait a bit for an update. If I hear about people receiving core duos when core solo is written on the box, then I think my head will explode.

    Acording the story in the link I posted above, it's happened to at least one person so far. That may be what they're going for with the Mini's. Would they do the same thing with C2D and MBP's, MB's, etc.?

    Jan 11, 05:15 PM
    i highly highly doubt they are calling it the "macbook air." that's borderline laughable. i am willing to bet the phase "there's something in the air" is referring to the soon to be announced rental service, not a piece of hardware. apple is making an obvious attempt to eliminate physical mediums altogether, first cds with mp3s and now dvds with downloadable vids (both via the itunes music store). everything will be available "in the air" or "up in the cloud," if you will. i'll be damned if they name their next product the "macbook air." c'mon people...

    May 3, 12:49 AM
    Very handy!

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