Sunday, May 22, 2011

justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona

justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. Justin Bieber Soccer Star
  • Justin Bieber Soccer Star

  • MacRumors
    Jan 11, 04:51 PM (

    I've heard various whispers about the new thin MacBook. Here are a few additional tidbits and confirmations about what might be coming from Apple on Tuesday.

    - A slim notebook, but not a "sub notebook"
    - 13.3" screen
    - Not a "Pro" machine
    - External Optical Drive
    - It will be called the MacBook Air

    A reminder, though, that Apple has been known to seed people with false specs/designs, so these whispers may not be accurate... but we believe they are.

    Article Link (

    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. Does Justin Bieber have what
  • Does Justin Bieber have what

  • kurosov
    Mar 25, 03:56 PM
    Once they enable the use of other iOS devices as wireless controllers then i'll be interested.

    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. Jbfevera this justin bieber
  • Jbfevera this justin bieber

  • iStudentUK
    Mar 31, 03:27 PM
    When the Nazis like practically conquered everyone in their path and are invading the UK, the Brits had to transfer a lot of technologies they made for the war to the US...where the US industrial might pretty much defined what we know today as "air dominance".

    During the Battle of Britain the British Isles alone produced more aircraft than the Nazis. An impressive feat considering the resources available to the Germans. The Battle of Britain took place in the summer of 1940, the lend-lease agreement with the US (which dramatically increased US supplies to the UK) was signed in 1941.

    In 1944 more men landed on the beaches of Normandy fighting under a British flag than the stars and stripes. 1/3 of the airborne troops that landed were British. The Royal Navy accounted for around 75% of the ships used (remember in 1939 the Royal Navy was the world's largest, and remained significant throughout WWII). America and Britain had roughly equal numbers of aircraft available.

    However, the D-day was a side show in Europe. Britain (and her empire) and America took some of the pressure off Russia but not much more. As my history teacher used to say- WWII was fought on three continents- Europe, Africa and Asia. The Soviets did the most for Europe, the British Empire for Africa and the US for Asia.

    I'm not saying Britain won WWII, or that it would have been possible without the US. I'm just pointing out that many people seem to be under the impression that the US dominated WWII, maybe because in the 21st century the US has a much larger armed forces than Britain, and a better equipped on than Russia, but the situation was a bit different back then.

    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. Justin Bieber Soccer Jersey
  • Justin Bieber Soccer Jersey

  • pyroza
    Jan 29, 11:53 PM

    Not many times I can put Quattro to good use in CA, but when I can I make sure to have a blast :p

    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. justin bieber playing soccer
  • justin bieber playing soccer

  • r.j.s
    Jan 2, 04:37 PM
    Here we go, the new and improved 2011 Picture of your car thread.

    2009 Edition (

    2010 Edition (

    Mine: 2006 F-150 SuperCrew


    And since it doesn't fit into the garage (it's too long), I have to clean the snow off :mad: :

    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. Justin Bieber Playing Soccer
  • Justin Bieber Playing Soccer

  • skunk
    Mar 20, 06:01 PM
    the object (tank?) could have exploded from the inside out.Please cite an explosion which happens any other way than from the inside out.

    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. justin bieber playing
  • justin bieber playing

  • RebootD
    Mar 24, 01:41 PM
    You mean we may finally be able to buy a current gen video card at a comparable price to their windows counterparts?! Am I dreaming? I must be dreaming.. right?

    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. justin bieber playing
  • justin bieber playing

  • Multimedia
    Oct 23, 11:32 PM
    I've got a dual 2.33ghz Core 2 Duo in my mac mini and its FASTTTTT the new mbps will be nice BUY BUY BUYDid you photograph your installation process for us to learn by? How much did you pay for the 2.33GHz Merom?

    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. justin bieber playing
  • justin bieber playing

  • dXTC
    Mar 23, 08:09 AM
    As I think I've mentioned before at some point, my next iPod purchase will most likely be the classic. My wife has a touch; while I find it somewhat nifty, I'm not a fan of the iPod app.

    My wishes for the 10th Anniversary classic:

    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. Justin Bieber plays soccer
  • Justin Bieber plays soccer

  • danielwsmithee
    Nov 27, 03:24 PM
    I mean absolutely no disrespect in any of my arguments...Same hear. I just find it interesting that you seem to be ignoring the fact that 1 year ago you were willing to pay an approximately $100 markup for SWOP certification, yet you find it completely reasonable for Apple to essentially be charging $300 for it today? I'm about the biggest fan of Apple of anyone but their prices are out of touch on their 20" displays.

    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. justin bieber playing soccer
  • justin bieber playing soccer

  • Al Coholic
    Apr 3, 10:36 AM
    Since the iPad does nothing useful this appeal to the wimpy "feelings" crowd is no surprise. Replace the iPad with a pair of pants and this could easily double as a Levi's commercial.

    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. justin bieber playing soccer
  • justin bieber playing soccer

  • iBorg20181
    Oct 24, 01:07 AM
    all i can say about this thread is MEH... :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    it seems that every week there is a new fu*#ing thread about impending macbook pro updates. if you want one now - just go buy it. my macbook pro rips the socks of my g5. :eek:

    if you are waiting for something special going by figures on the core2duo, it will be ripping the socks of the current macbook pro by 10 % . :rolleyes:

    we are only talking seconds here - maybe your boot time will be 5 sec quicker than a current model. maybe you will be able to encode a movie 30 seconds quicker (mind you this type of operation takes minutes to complete) . are you going to specially go out and check that yours boots better than a current model one?? if you are, then well... umm - see a doctor first :p

    are you really going to put the processors to the test and run them at full utilization for long periods of time to prove all these things? if you do, your macbook pro will self combust through the table, or even worse - your lap!!:eek:

    finally, all of these new components that everyone is waiting for generate more heat. more ram, new video cards, and chips will generate more heat. macbook pro's are hot enough.... to accommodate all of these new hotter components, a new cooling system would need to be developed. these things take time.

    i reakon there will be a minor speed bump (.3 of a Ghz mind you... :rolleyes: ) next week and a total revision at macworld in january - 90 days from now...

    flame me if you wish but just sit back and think about real life scenario's where a core 2 duo will REALLY be of massive benefit to you.... santa rosa is the platform you should wait for.


    aussie_geek: since this upgrade is so trivial and meaningless to you ..... why do you keep reading and posting in this thread? LOL!

    I've been waiting for this upgrade since Core Duo debuted in January, and I'll be up, bright and early, to order a C2D MBP in the morning! wOOt!



    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. justin bieber playing soccer
  • justin bieber playing soccer

  • twoodcc
    Nov 8, 09:18 AM
    Got #7 spot on the team!

    Now it gets much harder, a month and a half at least.

    The team is doing great with 230k PPD 
    we should maintain our rank at least, but I have a feeling many windows teams have not discovered the bigadv units yet. Rumor is if GPU3 is stable, it might make it to Linux.

    congrats. i sure hope GPU3 makes it linux. that would really get us some more points

    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. playing soccer earlier
  • playing soccer earlier

  • jav6454
    Mar 24, 01:30 PM
    Mac Pro's have big power supplies but thats mainly for the CPU and Ram, adding a 6970 would be pushing its limits, especially for gaming.

    Getting a Mac Pro for gaming is such a waste of cash. The only real benefit of the Mac Pro is the dual CPU nature. However, games now a days are not CPU bounded, but rather GPU bounded. Another nail on the coffin for Mac Pro gaming.

    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. justin bieber playing soccer
  • justin bieber playing soccer

  • razzmatazz
    Aug 6, 09:53 PM
    My cup runneth over with excitement.

    Too bad I'll be in class all day tomorrow and won't get the minute by minute MR coverage...unless I bring my macbook to class with me. :D

    haha! Yea I'm going to be glued to my Macbook watching the updates and jumping with excitement when something is announced :D

    Then when the online video comes up on the apple website ill be watching it start to finish and nobody will be able to bother me lol :p

    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. justin bieber playing soccer
  • justin bieber playing soccer

  • MasterJediDan
    Jan 2, 10:51 PM


    LOL!! Nice :D. Very funny, and very true.

    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. justin bieber
  • justin bieber

  • robbieduncan
    Apr 20, 02:49 PM
    Can you even buy a car today (in the USA) that has the following:

    manual transmission
    manual steering
    manual brakes
    wind em up yourself windows

    Sure, I understand it has to have the emission controls on it but if I could get a car without all the electronic stuff on it that tries to disconnect me from the feel of the road.

    I doubt it. The older, Rover K-Series, powered Lotus Elise was about the last cr in the UK like that. But that model was not approved for sale in the US. The Toyata engined ones have servo-assisted brakes and electric windows :(

    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. justin bieber playing soccer
  • justin bieber playing soccer

  • RawBert
    Apr 2, 07:29 PM
    Very classy with the black theme and piano music. Loved it.

    justin bieber playing soccer with barcelona. justin bieber playing soccer
  • justin bieber playing soccer

  • Antares
    Sep 1, 01:43 PM
    I truly hope that this rumor turns out ot be false. My 20" Core Duo iMac is only 6 months old. I would be extremely distraught if a 23 incher comes out. Please Apple, wait until January 2007 to update the iMacs (or only update the processors, please).

    Nov 28, 01:36 PM
    Just got back from Mexico and during my time there had a run in with the local police. This is common as hire cars have different colour number plates so the police can easily pick you out of a crowd. Apparently we were 'speeding'. It's all fun and games though. I got the fine down from about $400 US to 1000 pesos. We were warned this would happen when we arrived and should just look at it as an extra 'toll'. I could have probably got it down lower but it was hot and we had a long way to go still.

    At the end of the negotiation you get a form to sign with how much you paid and then you have to sign your name. The document is cleary made in something like Word and it's in no way official....I signed it Ben T Copper! :p

    Well that explains their new police cars lol

    Sep 7, 09:48 AM
    guys trust me i know steve will not disapoint on this im sure we had our doubts when we had the musc store im sure come tuesday night we will think steve is god lol

    Feb 28, 11:47 PM
    I stole the stickers from my girlfriend's laptop and netbook. There's a Vista one on my iMac. and it is in fact a 13" STM.

    I did the same thing. My girlfriend was tearing the stickers off of her Vaio for some reason, and I decided to stick them on my MBA 11" for fun. Apparently it runs on Vista and has a Centrino 2 in it. Haven't bothered to take them off. Just a bit of fun. Maybe I'll post a photo later.

    Reverend Wally
    Jan 1, 08:34 PM
    OK ....

    This is what will happen at MWSF.

    A new technology will be introduced. About 2 minutes after that a wavering shimmer will appear on stage and "POP" ... A capsule will appear, and out of it will climb an iAndroid which in reality will be an android built by future Apple, Inc. and will have Steve Job's brain installed in it. He will then announce that as a result of the previously announced new technonlogy the iTraveler, an Apple time travel machine was made possible and was built in the future enabling him to come back in his new android body to show us all just how truly advanced Apple has really become.

    Then we will all gather to sing "We Are The World" to bring the MWSF to a dramatic and exciting climax.


    Feb 22, 07:43 PM> CABLES > Video Cables - DisplayPort > Mini DisplayPort to DVI Cables (

    Why is it that searching on line for this never crossed my mind. (Of course, I've only had the MacBook for 2 days, so maybe I haven't gotten that far yet)

    Thank you.

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